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Author Sequina Moore

Food and the Word

"Food and the Word is more than a cookbook; it's an inspiring guide that emphasizes the importance of nourishing both our bodies and our spirits. With over 50 simple and delightful recipes, this book invites you to savor moments with loved ones while enjoying delicious meals, including tempting desserts.

What sets this book apart is its unique blend of soul-satisfying recipes and spirit-nourishing content. Alongside these easy-to-cook dishes, you'll find spirit-filled topics intertwined with Bible verses. These inspirational passages aim to guide and nurture your spiritual growth, offering a meaningful journey toward personal development and spiritual enrichment."

Kooin with Kids

"Kookin with Kids: My Recipe Book is an ideal gift for budding young chefs. This interactive recipe journal provides them with a creative space to craft their unique recipes and preserve cherished family dishes passed down through generations.

Designed as an interactive recipe diary, this book allows kids to jot down their own culinary creations and treasure family recipes, fostering a love for cooking in an engaging and personal way. It's the perfect present for kids passionate about exploring the kitchen and creating delicious meals!"

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